2017/18 National Finals

The season is over. Aberdeen Oilers is the 6 th best floorball team in UK!

The Oilers knew that there won’t be an easy opponent on UK Nationals and only 100% effort can bring success against the best teams of Britain!

Aberdeen Oilers Florball Team - Season 2017/18
First opponent, Cambridge Falcons has made Oilers work very hard, but the score remained unchanged after first period (0-0). Falcons started the second period more effectively and took a 2 goal lead after less than 5 minutes.
The Oilers didn’t put their heads down and just like many times
before, fought hard and tied the game before the end of the period. First Jan Felcman served a great
pass to Vít Karlíček’s powerplay goal and then less than 2 minutes before second intermission he
recorded another assist when Sigvards Stalidzans tied the game (2-2). The last break helped the
Falcons a bit more, as 4 minutes after the break they got back to the lead and their pressure
continued. Defending Oilers didn’t handle the pressure, Szymon Burzynski was sent to a penalty box,
and penalty shot was awarded to Falcons. Vit Strachon remained calm in his goal, got the opponent
out of angle who then missed the net and Szymon had to sit for 2 minutes. Falcons attacking power
in powerplay resulted in another penalty, so Oilers had to defend with 3 men only. For all these long
minutes Oilers fought hard and defended the score until both Szymon and Jan got back to the pitch.
On the other side one of the defending heroes Graeme Heggie was still on the pitch 11 seconds after
both punished players left the penalty bench and tied the game to 3-3. At 12:05 in the 3 rd period our
veteran Peter Heggie found Arvis Heidemanis who stretched the net again and Oilers thought this
game can bring first 3 points! Falcons pulled the goalie and risked everything to tie the game. The
last minute brought the worst that could happen for Oilers – Falcons tied the game, added one more
goal to get back into the lead, then sealed the deal into empty net just 1 second before the final
whistle (6-4). Unlucky end to a very good performance by the whole team, but exceptional by
goalkeeper Vit Strachon – the man of the match for Oilers!
Cambridge Falcons 6-4 Aberdeen Oilers
28’ Karlíček (PPG), 29’ Stalidzans, 38’ G. Heggie, 43’ Heidemanis

Oilers shook the disappointment off from the first game, but wanted to play just as hard against
UCM who usually finishes in top 4 every year. High standard and motivation to succeed from the first
game continued, but UCM seemed to be even harder opponent than Falcons. Despite the chances
that Oilers had, UCM was really dangerous and also more effective than Oilers when they lead 0-2
after first period. The intermission helped Oilers, who have shown their strength – 91 seconds into
the second period, the captain Vit Karlicek started a great comeback. First he passed Arvis
Heidemanis for the first goal (1-2), then he found Sarka Zacpalkova 5 minutes later, who tied the
game before the second intermission (2-2). Vit only needed 37 seconds of the third period himself
for his unassisted goal from own half of the pitch, but he was not over. He also recorded another
assist when Adam Paulenda made it 4-2 for Oilers with 6:12 remaining to the end of the game.
Another game which Oilers could have won, yet another one where floorball proved to be a sport
where anything can happen in just few minutes or seconds. It was about 3 minutes left on the clock
when UCM risked the game and pulled the goalkeeper out of the goal, but this impulse meant a
disaster for Oilers. UCM was not only lucky to block a few good shots on empty net, but scored a few
more times. 2:10 to go to make it 4-3, 56 seconds to go to tie the game (4-4) and only 33 seconds
before the final whistle when they corrected the score to the final 4-5 and killed the chances for the
semifinals that Oilers believed in. Man of the Match – Arvis Heidemanis, who’s first goal gave Oilers

Aberdeen Oilers 4-5 UCM
17’ Heidemanis, 22’ Zacpalkova, 31’ Karlicek, 39’ Paulenda

Last group match for Oilers and also the last one of the day against the toughest opponent – Great
White Sharks. Oilers had no chance to get through to the semifinals anymore, but still tried their
best against team which played completely different level of floorball on the whole tournament and
deservedly won again. Sharks took a quick lead 0-3 after the first period, but Oilers didn’t have many
chances. However, with no pressure trying to win the game, Oilers were smiling especially when in
half of the game Sigvards Stalidzans scored the only goal for the Oilers and made it 1-3. The
dominating Sharks continued, and after periods 0-3, 1-3 and 0-4 easily took the first position in the
group stage. Man of the Match – Sigvards Stalidzans, who despite many others trying was the only
one to find the back of the net.
Aberdeen Oilers – 1-10 London Great White Sharks
23’ Stalidzans

The game results in group stage brought some sadness, but Oilers knew, that they can be very proud
for the way they played. They fought with heart and never gave up! With a little bit more luck in last
minutes of their first two games, everything could have been different, and they could have been
preparing for the semifinals. However, the day was over and the next opponent was – West Coast
Floorball Club – the winner of the Scottish Floorball League and Playoffs, that beat Oilers three times
in the season!

First game of Sunday for Oilers, meeting their league rivals and the only thing in mind – win! It only
took 24 seconds to the captain Vit Karlicek to open the score and Michael Stewart scored another
goal just shortly before the first break. Oilers didn’t let West Coast into many big chances and were
more dangerous team, which Graeme Heggie proved by another goal near the half way of the game
(0-3). Ex-Oiler from years ago Dmitri Shevoldajev corrected to 1-3 and hoped to get back to the
game, but Szymon Burzynski put their hopes down again just one minute before the last break (1-4).
West Coast is not a team that gives up any game easily and their captain Dmitri knew how to
motivate his team again. They became more and more dangerous in the third period which resulted
in their second and third goal 3 and 2 minutes before the end and added some drama. Fortunately,
Adam Paulenda changed the score to final 3-5 for Oilers 19 seconds before the final whistle, when
he was the fastest one to get to the rebound at the front of the net. Finally on the fourth try, Oilers
managed to beat West Coast this season, but it was very tough game just like many times before. By
this win, Oilers earned the chance to play for 5 th or 6 th place, while West Coast could finish 7 th or 8 th in
the final standings. Man of the match – Graeme Heggie.
West Coast 3-5 Aberdeen Oilers
1’ Karlicek, 13’ Stewart, 21’ G. Heggie, 30’ Burzynski, 45’ Paulenda

The last game of the tournament for Oilers against Rhinos was exactly as expected – everyone was
tired and effectiveness was on Rhinos side. Oilers dominated the first period and had many big

chances, but only Sigvards Stalidzans found the way to put the ball in the net and Oilers were in 1-0
lead after the first period. Rhinos were the only ones scoring goals (3 to be exact) in the second
period which was very frustrating for Oilers, as the chances were on both sides. Oilers pressure at
the end of second period resulted in two 2-minute penalties for Rhinos and third period started with
a 5 on 3 powerplay for Oilers. They used long 1 minute and 37 seconds to score 1 goal by Arvis
Heidemanis, but the rest of the powerplay wasn’t enough to tie the game. Since Rhinos scored the
goals, they were a lot more active and their pressure got so far, that only a foul helped to avoid
another big goal-scoring chance. This of course meant that a penalty shot was awarded and Oilers
were hoping Vit Strachon in goals would show the magic again. However, Rhinos effectiveness
meant, that the score was changing again (2-4). None of the desperate attacks from Oilers getting
back to the game worked, and Rhinos punished every mistake. The goal difference was soon by 4
goals and chances for 5 th place were dissolving. The last hope for Oilers came at 43:51 from Michael
Stewart, but his goal didn’t change anything about Oilers loss and Rhinos could celebrate the
payback from last season when they lost 9-3. This time Rhinos were the happier team after their 3-6
victory. Man of the match – Graeme Heggie with 2 assists.
Aberdeen Oilers 3-6 Cotswold Rhinos
14’ Stalidzans, 17’ Heidemanis (PPG), 44’ Stewart

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