T7 results – Secured LEAGUE TITLE!!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, our pleasure to announce the new champions of Scottish Floorball League of 2016-2017 season. Here are Aberdeen Oilers!!! Our floorball team secured the title two rounds before the end of the league. Thanks to incredible team performance, we gained all 9 points in 3 matches. We have to emphasize the superhuman performance of the best goalkeeper in Scotland, Vit Strachon, who as a rock supported the success. The important moment in this season is the golden goal of the golden child Arvis Heidemanis, who scored the goal of his life just 38 seconds before the end of the match and made it clear who the next Kings of Scotland would be. We are delighted to have such great audience and supporters, big thanks to you all for your support during all the season! Let’s go, Oilers!!! Continue reading