T2 – 23rd October 2016

Match day 2,
23 October 2016, Perth Bell’s Sports Centre

In three matches, Oilers gained 6 points! After Sunday’s floorball tournament Oilers have their first points in the bag. Although they aimed to grab full points, there was one slip. Taking into account the quality of rival teams, this was still a good result, plus it is just the beginning of the season and there are many more points to fight for. The goalkeeper Vit Strachon was in great form again, as well as the new star forward Arvis Heidemanis who scored 4 times. Thanks to all of you who supported us!

Aberdeen Oilers – FC Edinburgh 3 : 2
Heidemanis x2, Karlicek
Aberdeen Oilers – Dundee Northern Lights 4 : 5
Paulenda, Heidemanis, Felcman, Zacik
Aberdeen Oilers – Aberdeen Uni6 : 3
Zacik, Paulenda, Dubec, Horacek, Felcman, Heidemanis

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